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Tuesday 10 April 2012

Review: Malice in Blunderland

Paperback: £ 9.43
Publisher: Cutting Edge

First thing first, to get a taste for the book before you defo decide to read it and buy it, follow @jonnygibbings on twitter. Filth, filth, filth, filth...bit of animal welfare...filth, filth...that should fix you up for Malice!

I first came across this dude on twitter in fact. He'd read my blog on Irvine Welsh's If You Liked School. You'll Love Work. From that conversation and the realisation that he had a book kicking around I rightly concluded that this book would be in the same territory! Whilst it falls in to the grotesque, filthy, stomach churning genre (yes that's now a genre), it isn't quite so subtle and isn't written in a 'literary' style. Mr Gibbings has said it's a bit of a two fingers up at traditional publishing, an example being the book starts on a left hand page and not a right, and that it is indeed.

The grammar and spelling seems to be a two finger salute also. In the beginning I continuously noticed the incorrect use of grammar and misspellings but by the end I was used to them and actually second guessing on occasions if Mr G was in fact using the correct one when he wasn't. This book actually makes you stupid! :-)

As for the story, it's funny, it's disgusting, it's truly ridiculous but most of all it's fun. I imagine that the main character is meant to be Jonny himself and this is possibly loosely or closely based on an actual series of events from his life. I have said to Jonny several times via Twitter that with his life story he could win X-Factor and this is a continuation. Don't read this book if you are one of those sensitive types. You'll either find the violence, sex or descriptions or all three repulsive and disgusting and you may end up scared for life.

Bulldog is a funny arsed bugger. Is he clever? Is he a twat? Is he Mr G's mate? Is he another wrong man, wrong place, wrong time? I dunno, I liked him. I want to know who he is in real life too. Maybe that's a bit too dangerous for an outed dealer though.... Detective Lorner is a character I got on with and seems to be the most normal one of a seriously disturbed and mental lot. Even the barmaid in The Lion is insane as she asks for a picture with a bloke who looks like an accused rapist!

Oh, before I forget, any book that takes the piss out of Justin 'no pubes' Bieber is fine by me. He is a measly little cretin!

Thanks to asparagus legs and the lube incident I'll never be able to look at dairy based goods or paralysed people ever again. This particular incident actually made me feel physically sick and part of me wanted to stop reading the book. This very rarely happens to me in life as I'm rather thick skinned. I think it was the description of the smells that really turned my stomach! Well done Mr G!

Anyway, this is my review, it isn't great 'but it's the best I can do'.

Happy Reading

Book Geek!

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