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Sunday 15 April 2012

Review: The Quiddity of Will Self, a novel

Publisher: Corsair
Hardback: £ 12.99

This was sent to me by the lovely @corsairpr as a read and review copy.

When I started reading part 1 of this book I thought what the actual bloody hell is going on!?!?! I didn't really get on with the style of writing and the obsession with Will Self. I think that that is sadly because of my lack of interest in the works of Self. I've never read any thing by him and find him to be a bit annoying as a person.

OOO Weird Will Self related anecdote. About 2 weeks before I got my copy of this book, the boy started telling me a story by patronisingly asking me if I knew who Will Self was. Then told me about how his room mate in chambers called Mr Self 'a ghastly prick.' This made me laugh a lot as his room mate is somewhat demure and reserved and rather plummy. (To make a Quiddity reference, 'he can afford expensive fruit.')

Anyway, back to the book. I think because of my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to Self's writings, I thought that parts 1 and 2 were rather ridiculous. Yes it's clearly an homage to the man but I found it stupid and annoying. The Richard of part 1 also creeped me out beyond belief. He made my skin crawl, his obsessions and addictive behaviour really unnerved me. I found Sylvie just as creepy!! URRGH!

HOWEVER, as the book moved on to parts 3 and 4 I enjoyed it a hell of a lot more! Mia's story turned it in to the odd and quirky murder mystery style novel I expected from reading the blurb on the back. I also loved Mia, she was a gorgeous character but there are a few little bits and bobs I'm still wondering about with regards to Mia in part 1 and Mia in part 4. I enjoyed the diary style of part 3 and I also found the story line really really intriguing! Oh and I found bits laugh out loud and sniggeringly funny!!!

Part 5 has confused me a with regards to Sam Mills and the process of the creation of this book. I don't think I'll really understand it unless I can ask Mills the questions I have.

Overall, I think this is a book that will grab Self fans from the start and they'll thoroughly enjoy it. Yet, if you are a Self virgin, do persevere with this book as it does become hugely enjoyable and INTERESTING. I don't believe I've ever read a novel like this before, it is truly unique and in a league of its own. A thoroughly well deserved place!

Happy Reading!

Book Geek

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