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Tuesday 3 April 2012

TV versus The Written Word: Game of Thrones

£ 8.99, Harper Voyager

£25.99, HBO

As series two started in the UK on Monday night I thought I'd get my versus on series 1/book 1 out in the open.

I reviewed this book in March and you can find it here. I will just confirm (similarly to my Hunger Games comparison), I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!

My assistant had it on DVD, raved about it and lent it to me. My boyfriend started watching it about 3 days before me as his flat mate is obsessed with the books/series and told him to watch it. My assistant loves it, my boyfriend loves it and the flat mate loves it. I love the book but am somewhat indifferent to the TV show.

Firstly, the characters and most other things associated with them don't look like I imagined. Catelyn and Ned are too old, Robb and Jon and Bran are too old and Robb isn't auburn enough. The Maester's chains are big dangly necklaces, not tight almost mail like things that choke them. Tyrion is not minging and scary looking, even The Hound is not as grotesque as he should be! The only one I kind of agree with is Drogo, but he has far far far too much guyliner on. Robb is a boy of 15 as is Jon, yet they are fully grown men and the actors are around 25 in real life. Sansa looks alright, however, good God is she one shitty and hammy actress! BLOODY HELL!! The wolf pups were seriously cute though and I really want one...don't think that my lovely cat would be happy about that though.

Things are just wrong when it comes to the story line in places which annoys me. I don't see how things in to the second series are going to make sense as they got, in my eyes anyway, quite integral parts incorrect. I know, I know, I know...when it comes to adaptations for TV/film things do have to change for the sake of plot and continuity etc, but as I said above, I don't see how some things will work in the future now that alterations have been made.

The costumes are good, the script is good as there are lines taken straight out of the book. The sets are pretty good too. However, overall I'm not all that fussed about watching series 2, I think I'll stick with my good old, written words and therefore give it the point!

So the score now stands at: Written Word: 4, TV/Film: 1.5

Happy reading and viewing

Book Geek!


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