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Friday 6 September 2013

Review: Pale Kings

Price: £ 9.99
Publisher: Self

This is the second book in Mr G's series! Farden is back and things have gone somewhat to shit and guess who has to sort it out??? We pick up a few months after the last book......

I LOVE THESE BOOKS!! The story is action packed, twisty, turny and so so intriguing and compelling and gripping. The characters are also amazing. Farden is a total babe and there is another mage that crops up who is almost as babelicious (but I won't say who). The evil characters are evil personified, the good are gloriously good. Elessi is still a tit and I can't stand her still, but I've never been a fan of wet, weak and pathetic female characters, but then again, who is?

I still love Mr G's style of writing and the way he develops characters and plot lines. Smooth, involving and very intelligent. Glorious fantasy all round that gives you everything from vamps, to mages to dragons to wizards to Gods!!!

I really do recommend this series (and I'm only on book 2) to everyone who loves fantasy and I think people who aren't big fantasy fans should maybe give it a go as there as so may aspects of it and layers to love. A really enthralling series that has gripped me, just like Robin Hobb did when I discovered the Farseer Trilogy at the tender age of 17 (bloody hell that was 10 years ago now!!!!).

Please read these they are stonking! BRING ON THE NEXT ONE!

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