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Friday 13 September 2013

Review: The Stranger You Know

Price: £ 8.54 ebook
Publisher: Ebury Publishing imprint of Random House

Women are being murdered and it's sodding scary!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The book is written through the eyes of MK, female and young, the same as the victims, so of course, that led this book to scare the shit out of me even more. First person MK makes it believable an personal and terrifying to me!!! Why do I read books like this when I am home alone?????

I kept turning pages, with a compulsion. I had no idea what was going to happen, then I thought I was convinced I knew, then I was wrong but was convinced again but then I was wrong again!!! Very well done on that Ms C as when I can see a conclusion coming I am always bitterly disappointed. 

There are some cracking characters. Some are creepy, some are just dudes, some are babes. Even the small time non-descript characters that crop up enhance the book and couldn't be done without. 

I didn't feel like I was lacking any understanding of the book by not having read any previous MK novels. This works as a stand alone novel. I'm sure I would have had great understanding of character relationships, but they worked for me in this individual book and that's that!

I would defo read another MK book. I'm not a 1st person fan as you may know but I liked MK. She was strong and fighty but human and endearing and nice too. I also enjoyed the complex plot that sometimes lacks in a thriller. Cracking and terrifying read that crime/thriller fans should pick up!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

P.S. don't read home alone if you are female and in your 20s!!!

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