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Friday 27 September 2013

Review: Whitstable

Publisher: Spectral Press
Price: £ 2.04 ebook

A person who actually existed has lost his wife, he goes for a walk and comes across a young lad who is having some problems with a 'vampire'. 

I will admit that in the beginning this book rather pissed me off. It was too wallowy in self pity for my liking! However, once Carl is discovered it takes a dramatic turn and it all goes from weird, to terrifyingly realistic.

I do wonder how much this is based on fact as it is Peter Cushing who is the main figure. I do wonder if these were, to an extent real events and if Carl and his life were something PC got involved in. However, part of me doesn't want to know if this is real as it'll ruin it for me if it wasn't. 

The story of one man coping with his grief, which is making him a tad mad and is also making him a bit obsessive. However, he just wants someone to care about and something to help him over come his grief.

I'm not 100% sure how I feel about this novella or how it made me feel. I wanted to keep reading it as I was drawn in by how real it was and how well, almost normal to an extent. Maybe it would mean more to people if someone close had been lost. Well written and executed though.

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