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Thursday 3 October 2013

Review: Bad Companions

Price: £ 9.99
Publisher: The History Press

I don't usually read a lot of non-fiction, it's not really my bag, but sometimes it's nice for a change and sometimes, the topic is indeed interesting enough. This is a book about 6 women who carried out murders in the days gone by. It looks in to each case from crime to punishment to aftermath. 

Even though this is non-fiction, it wasn't dry. I find such books to be so usually, but KC obviously has a passion of murder and the things behind it. She has researched all aspects and also put her own thoughts on paper in a kind of Law & Order cold case fashion that is rather interesting. She discusses how, if today's detecting techniques were available, the outcomes would possibly have been very different. 

I defo enjoyed the extracts from letters and news papers of the time, they were enlightening and really did open up the cases and in some instances make the murderesses more real and human. I don't know if I find the murders shocking, but at the time I can imagine they were, especially the woman who killed her maid servants, they were rather brutal.

If you don't really read non-fiction, then maybe have a look at this as it is all murder and twisty and intrigue, not dry and prescriptive and boring as arse! If you are in to non-fiction then this indeed could be one for you!

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