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Thursday 24 October 2013

Review: Mr Penumbra's 24 hour bookstore

Publisher: Atlantic Books
Price: £ 12.99

Very rarely do I read a book that, when I finish it and put it down, causes me to sigh. I don't really know what the sigh means but it always leaves me with that warm fuzzy feeling inside.

Mr P owns a bookshop, but it isn't just any old bookshop and Clay is on a mission to find out why.

The story starts off as well, a slightly quirky tale of a grad who is in a spot, but it develops and develops and changes and changes in to glorious mystical fantasy and joy. It doesn't go where you expect at all and, it is wonderful. A glorious celebration of life and books! The parallel between it and the Dragon Song Chronicles is also amazing. That fantasy world is being recreated in the present day, with real people, fitting the fantasy stereotypes on a real quest. A quest of the modern day and it's tremendous technology and the written word.

The characters are great and I'm not 100% sure I can pick one all out love! Mr P, I want him to be my granddad, Clay is a babe, Kat is a misunderstood weirdo, Neel is a bit of a god...it just goes on and on and on. 

I am writing this immediately after setting it down so I am all a whirl of joy and I'm still digesting. But I will say that that was a fabulous book. It wasn't at all what I expected and I don't think it will be what anyone else expects either. It really is a true gem of a book that I think, one day, I'd like to read again to see if I've missed any thing (and I never want to read anything twice).

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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