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Friday 18 October 2013

Review: The Blackheath Seance Parlour

Publisher: Cutting Edge Press
Price: £ 9.99

Well bloody hell!!! Isn't this a whole big bucket of mental!! BRILLIANT MENTAL!!! CEP in their wonderful realm of the weird and mad and wonderful. BLOODY BRILLIANT.

There are two sisters who are in a bit of a fix, so they set up shop as mediums, but one feels left out and the other is writing a book and well...let's just leave it there with the plot for now.

It's like two books in one! Judy's book and AW's story of the sisters. Even though a guy is writing about women and their ways and struggles and loves and families, it is most convincing and you don't for a second doubt the author gender. Also, when AW is writing as a woman, writing a book that is rather out there and for women, his style and tone etc is marvellous once again. He adopts a completely new one! Bravo AW!!

I wanted to read Judy's book as much as I wanted to read the story of the sister's and the parlour. And I wanted to know about Mrs Walters, she is defo my favourite character, I loved her. The sisters were both a bit nobby in their own ways, it worked for them but they didn't have my love like Mrs W does!

It is great to see such a mental and unique and intriguing book. The fact that it delves in to historical opinions on the underworld and religion and women's place in society as well as being a bit crazy and out there is wonderful and pretty darn unique if you ask me.

Wonderfully and skilfully written book. I thoroughly recommend it to all!

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  1. I finished it last night and am thinking about my review. I love your thoughts - it really is mental, but in a very very good way. My head is whirling!