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Wednesday 30 October 2013

Review: Storm Front

Publisher: Titan
Price: I left the dust jacket at home and can't find ££ on tut web

So, let's get this straight. This book is written by RC, the fictional author from the TV series CASTLE. This is meant to be one of the books he writes whilst following the police and things around, yes? So, WHO THE BLOODY HELL ACTUALLY WROTE THIS???

I like James Bond, its cheesy action and cringey bits and this does indeed have similarities on those fronts, however, on occasion it takes things from the sublime to the ridiculous! I'm just not sure how I feel about it!

Yes, this book is a page turner. There is action, there are intriguing financial plots, there are counter plots! It also has the really bad, baddy, the wonderful hero, the tragic hero and the lady things. However, they are sometimes tooooo parody like for me. There are also weird parallels with the series that crop up and tbh, I don't think they were needed.

I just don't know. I kept turning pages and reading because I was deep in the plot, it had drawn me in completely. However, I just think it's a bit too much of a low rent James Bond for me to embrace it completely. 

Fans of Castle will love it, I am glad I read it as it was fun. Just not sure if for me 100%.

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