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Monday 14 October 2013

Review: Jimmy Coates, Killer

Publisher: Harper Collins
Price: £ 5.99

Jimmy Coates ain't your average 11 year old, he doesn't know that yet, nor does he know how mental his life is going to get.

Yes this is a kid's book but it was a gripper indeed. Some jokes in there were defo for adults and there was great amusement to be had. There was also action, politics, swarthy gorgeous heroes (Viggo), fun, family, loyalty and love. Really, there is something for everyone of any age.

I can really see this book getting people in to reading at a young age, specially boys, who you don't see reading a much as usual. I read the whole book during the one flight and I was rather sad when it was over as I really wanted more!

Brill start to what I hope will be an cracking series. I do indeed think I will read more and, if this doesn't get kids reading then nothing will.

Happy Reading

Book Geek

p.s. I read 3 books on my work trip last week so there are two more to come later this week



  1. What a lovely review - thanks so much :) Hope you enjoy the rest of the series.