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Wednesday 23 October 2013

Review: Bones in her Pocket

Price: No idea in ££
Publisher: Random House/Cornerstone

A quick little shortie for you if you want something to read to fill in half hour or so. It's a mini thriller, like a singular episode of CSI or something like that. 

You can indeed tell it was written by a scientist/forensic person, no doubt at all in a million years as it is very clinical in places and the details are (I imagine) spot on. It is also very serious and that makes it feel a bit like a diary entry with an edge. The length of it makes you feel this too, it's not really a short story in tone, but a snippet of someone's life on a particular day.

The ending was totally cheese in every way however, which was a tad disappointing, however, when it comes to short stories, people do always try and put a moral in there. Oh well, I'll live.

A shortie review as a shortie story

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