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Monday 21 October 2013

Review: The Kill List

Price: Unknown
Publisher: Random House/Transworld

Well, probably not the best book to read whilst on a 9 hour flight home from the US but, there you go. A terrorist is causing havoc but have no fear, the Tracker is on it!

This is defo not my usual book, and defo not the best thing I've read. Yes, there was interest, but you really do have to concentrate a lot sometimes just to understand who is who, who is part of what and where and why and to make sure you get the back story. The book promised far more than you are given in the blurb and the cover and all the hype etc.

Yes, there were some good bits and I did find this interesting, however, I couldn't always give it the concentration it needed AND, I was always questioning how much was actually true and how much was fabricated and fiction, as let's face it, the US/UK/everywhere are not going to give up details of missions, terror suspects, agents etc willingly. How much of FF's book really is true and correct and believable...I'm not sure.

I really don't know how I feel about this book. Maybe I'm not the right person for it. There was an old man sitting a few seats away from me reading it on the plane, and one of The Boy's flat (ex now) mates bought it for his dad for Christmas, so maybe, yes, I am indeed not of the correct demographic to have enjoyed this. Shame, as I thought it held such promise.

Oh well

Happy reading
Book Geek

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