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Thursday 19 December 2013

Review: Grave Descend

Publisher: Hard Case Crime/Titan Books
Price: £ 7.99

After reading Binary I was expected a recurrence of characters but there was no such thing. However, the style was still there and the set up was familiar also. McG is going on a dive, but all is a bit fishy (pun intended)!

Short and sweet read, once again, but still a fast moving, action packed page turner. Didn't feel dated, similarly to Binary which is a real skill. Transient writing, to me at least, is most impressive indeed. MC really did have one intelligent brain it seems! 

I loved Yeoman and McG in a big way. Spiffingly wonderful characters, sexy and buff and slightly odd with it. Cracking evil party too, also, a great play from the Jamaican police, just as chilled as the country's rep is. 

In a way, I would have liked these books to be a series, with the same characters. But, then again, tis always great to have a surprise and meet new people along the way.

A quick, fun, page turner that's totally easy to read. Another brill thing an defo looking forward to reading the next one. Btw, the cover of this one makes sense more than the Binary cover, as the book does indeed include in this case, scantily clad babes.

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