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Tuesday 31 December 2013

Review: Adrenaline

Publisher: Self
Price: Mainly free

I read RY's first book Gatecrasher last year and thought it was a decent read. RY has returned and is back with this book and I tell you what it's rather good indeed.

Totally different to Gatecrasher as it is so so subtle, and the writing style is glorious. I enjoyed the use of split narrative voices in the first and 3rd person. It kept me on my toes and it kept me intrigued as you got to know two very different characters in very different ways. One very personally and the other as an outsider and the public eye see him. The REALLY short chapters did annoy me a tad but I was delighted that there wasn't a cliff hanger at the end of each one! HUZZAH!!

A really subtle and interesting story with some excellent twists, action and interpretations of what it means to be this particular type of being. Thoroughly enjoyable read and I think it'll appeal to blokes a fair bit...not 100% sure why though!

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