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Thursday 2 January 2014

2013: Top Reads

I present to you, my top 10 books of 2013...in no particular order.
I also present the two worst books below!! Also in no particular order.
1. Before His Time/Beyond His Years – Darren Craske. (Twitter = @darrencraske)
Just yes, yes, yes!! Second and third in the Station Guard trilogy and they are sodding amazing. I really really love him so much, author and guard. Check out this trilogy and the other stuff he has written too! Great great author, great great series.
 2. A Fucked Up Life In Books – Anon(ish). (Twitter = @bookcunt)
If you love books, swearing, sex, joy and sadness then get on this. It’ll suck you in, make you laugh and make you cry and you’ll want to think about what books you’ve read at what times and what they mean to you. Glorious!
 3. Nearest Thing To Crazy – Elizabeth Forbes. (Twitter = @lizzieforbes)
Wonderfully written and totally scary book of manipulation. So normal in many ways that it is THAT scary! Love this book, love this woman and bloody love her publishers too! If you want Catch 22 set in middle class England then lay your hands on this.
 4. Hope: A Tragedy – Shalom Auslander. (Twitter of the recommenders = @biggreenbooks)
Thank you Big Green Books for recommending this to me. Dark and twisty and humorous and weird all at the same time. Completely off the wall with some fab characters. One I’ll recommend over and over again.
 5. Poison/Beauty – Sarah Pinborough. (Twitter = @sarahpinborough)
Now, I am putting these two together as they are part of a set of 3 retellings of some of your most loved fairytales (not got my hands on Charm yet, boo). They are totally for adults and totally sexy, dirty, dark and fun. Read and enjoy, but don’t let your kids get them.
 6. Life After Life – Kate Atkinson
On first sight I really didn’t think I would like this book, but guess what, I thought it was fab! A real shock! Beautiful writing style that fits an equally beautiful narrative. I do believe that this was a perfect book for me.
 7. The Dinner – Herman Koch
Strange how I found parents concerns and misunderstandings and troubles so damn compelling. Another gloriously written book, I’d imagine it’s a translation too, so bravo even more. I’ve even passed it on and recommend it, which I wasn’t 100% convinced I would.
 8. The Written – Ben Galley (Twitter = @bengalley)
What a bloody awesome start to what I am thinking is a totally epic fantasy series. To see such things come out of such a young un is a real treat for all! If you are a big old school fantasy fan then get on this right away…now I say, NOW!!!
 9. The City’s Son – Tom Pollock (Twitter = @tomhpollock)
Urban fantasy…is that a thing? If it is, then this is a book for that genre. Not really read anything like it before and I am very excited indeed to read the next instalment! Totally crazy, weird and wonderful!
 10. Mr Penumbra’s 24 Hour Bookstore – Robin Sloan
A weird and wonderful book about books and bookshops which are two of my very favourite things. It also makes books cross with technology which is something I am slowly coming round to. Well done on this unique read RS!
The Last Werewolf – Glen Duncan
Boy Geek’s old flat mate gave this to me, he said you’ll love it, it’s great. I did not love it, it was not great. It is one of the worst things I have ever, ever read. It is ridiculous and stupid and just never read it ever!!!
The Telling Room – Michael Paterniti
I will NEVER EVER get back the life that I spent reading this tedious pile of ridiculous self indulgence. OH MY GOD!! Even think it was worse than the werewolf book, and that really is saying something. Don’t let this book fool you… it’s shit! SHIT I SAY!

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