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Thursday 16 January 2014

Review: Bridget and Joan's Diary

Price: £ 1.70 (kindle)
Publisher: Oneworld

Usually I love a good parody, however, I don't know...I just don't think I was in the right mood for this one (what with all that's been going on lately) so I didn't find it as funny as I find the @bridgetandjoan tweets. The entries in the diary that were taken from tweets were however the best ones.

I like the parallels with Bridget Jones and the use of the 'ton' words and labels for other people, they are always funny. Also really liked the parody and incorporation of other things such as the Bate's hotel. They were rather clever and in some cases pretty hard to spot. 

The total and utter difference between Bridget and Joan was also funny. I kinda hope one person wrote this book and not two as that would make it even better...but I have a sneaky feeling it was probs a group of people who are game for a laugh.

Overall, a quick and fun read, but I think you need to be in a happy place to read it and therefore find it funny as well as notice the witticisms and subtle referencing to the wider world of fiction, comedy and comment.

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