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Monday 2 December 2013

Review: Life After Death

Price: £ 12.99
Publisher: Atlantic Books

So, this was my 100th book of the year! And to be honest, I don't know how I felt about it.

I did some reading about the whole thing before I picked it up as I wanted to know exactly what was what. From what I read and from how DE has written I really don't know what to believe at all. I have no idea if I think he is innocent or guilty. I don't really believe that it was all a big conspiracy. I'm not 100% sure of that at all. He must have been a tad mentally unstable for people to certify him as so. I just don't know what I think.

I found the whole book a little bit odd too. Why was so much focused on his life and upbringing when the book is entitled Life AFTER Death. I would rather have read about his time on death row and dealing with the world once he was released. How he adjusted, what had changed, how people accepted and perceived him. All that stuff. I dunno, I'm just full of umms and ahhhs.

I would defo like to see the documentaries made about DE. I would like to see him in action, speaking etc for myself and I would like to see how other people interpret him.

Interesting to read, but not what I was expecting at all. Where do I stand on the whole thing? Not sure of that either.

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