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Wednesday 26 November 2014

Review: The Casual Vacancy

Publisher: Little Brown

When on holiday back in September...YES MY REVIEW BACK LOG IS THIS HUGE....Boy Geek ran out of things to read so he borrowed my kindle and downloaded this. He thought it was funny but wasn't enamoured with it. Also, when Boy Geek discussed it with one of his colleagues (I girl crush on her a lot) she said that JKR was trying to do too much with it, and I think I totally agree! So, when it came to it, I read the book so I could join in the conversation with Boy Geek and continue to maintain my opinion that JKR isn't really all that hot.

On to the book...

There has been a death and there is now a seat on the council. So, we're going to delve in to the lives of the people of this little Parish. Look at them, their politics, their secrets and their emotions.

The characters were caricatures. That is my main point about the characters and that drove me mental. The points and stereotypical traits that I think JKR was trying to point out were too bloody in your face and obvious allllll the time. Subtly would have made this far more enjoyable! I thought Kay was a total idiot, Krystal's life made me desperately sad. However, there was one character I did love reading about. SAM!! She was bloody awesome...she was also almost the most realistic of them all!

The whole thing wasn't very mind blowing, it wasn't very original even...some what like Harry Potter (see my challenge from earlier this year...GOD THAT WAS TEDIOUS and reminds me that I really do need to get on with my Holmes Challenge) It was just very normal village politics with a bit of a try hard side. I didn't really want to read it in the end. I could happily let my kindle sit there and not read the book at all.

I'm sorry, I know MILLIONS of you are hardcore JKR fans and love all she writes. I just don't fall in to that category. Harry Potter didn't really do anything for me and this book left me really non-plussed.

I do apologise.

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