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Friday 28 November 2014

Review: Scratch One

Publisher: Hard Case Crime

This is a good old fashioned case of mistaken identity in the cheesy world of Michael Crichton's Bond type books! I do love these and I warn you that this review will be short as the book is and I want to give as little as possible away!

I thought the torture scene was INCREDIBLE!!! ARRRRRGH I could imagine the pain! It made me feel as uncomfortable as that scene where James Bond was having his balls smacked by that rope...Casino Royale was it?? ARRGHH! OUCH!!!

I love the cheesy, wink wink, smarmy humour that runs through all these books and I am glad to see that it is continuing, and I hope it will for the entire collection (for I have them all BOOOM). 

One bit I found tedious was the start of the Grand Prix section. Good God did it go on and on and on! It was like the whaling part at the start of Moby Dick or the sheer volume of Russian Farming tips in Anna Karenina (I really hate that book). I was delighted when that part was over.

So, on the whole, and despite the cars going round and round part, I thoroughly enjoyed this book with its neat ending and humour. Oh and I also really like the transcendence that was still present. Admittedly some things are very of the time but you can still picture the adventure in the modern day.

Happy Reading!


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