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Tuesday 2 December 2014

Review: Your Servants and Your People

Publisher: Jo Fletcher Books

If you read Your Brother's Blood then you need to read this....part 2! We're back with Thomas seven years after the end of the last book and we're finding out what life is like for him and some others now!

To be honest, at some points when reading this I struggled to remember part 1 and what exactly was going on...however, don't worry, my enjoyment wasn't ruined!

I had many questions during YBB and I have many now too! I need more history on the Red Coats and Walkin'! I need to know how all this started and I need to know what went wrong and where!! Wahhhh! These questions alone keep you turning pages! The thirst for more knowledge about this world is overwhelming! I want to know where we are and when! Is it the US civil war? Are we in a future dystopia? It's kinda great that you can be anywhere and everywhere...but at the same time I need answers TOWSEY!!!

Moving on.....I loved Bryn, I really did, what a gorgeous character. I hated Mary, god I despised her!!! BINT!!! Thomas was a darling as before!

The whole book was much darker than part one. There were far fewer parallels and mentions of religion and its place in this world, more politics and friendship. However, the epic twists were still there and some were truly truly heart breaking!

If you enjoyed YBB then defo read this and anticipate part 3 as much as I am! This really is a great mashup of genres series and I can't wait to see what part 3 holds. DT really does know how to set fire to a plot and keep it burning!

Happy Reading


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