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Tuesday 16 December 2014

Review: An Eye for an Eye

You are going to get a bit of an influx of posts for the next week or so if I can manage it as I need to catch up on my MASSIVE POSTING BACKLOG!!! Like it or lump it!

Right then, so this is a short story prequal to Knife Edge and it answers a lot of questions that are floating around when you read Knife Edge. It's printed at the end of Knife Edge (in Kindle land) and that's weird as surely you need to read it BEFORE the full length novel.

It was good to be back with Jude. I don't know why, but I do like him. I even feel sorry for him and his desperation with life and all the horrible things that seem to have befallen his family. He is a bit of a dick to Sephy, but I really don't like her, I can't help it! It was also nice to have Minerva's POV even thought she is a bloody idiot!

I would love to know more about the politics and the background to it in this entire series. It's alluded to slightly by Jude in chapter 1 of this short story and if you google the series there is a bit. But is this just some supposing or is it actually from MB. I think I would enjoy the books more and have a more indepth grasp of it all. Also, it would provide more of a deeper context and layer to the whole thing.

Defo read this before you read Knife Edge.
That's an order!

Happy Reading


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