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Tuesday 23 December 2014

Review: The Keeper

Publisher: HarperCollins

Women are going missing because HE needs HER...but don't worry, Sean is on the case.

I do wish that whilst I was reading this I could have recalled more of what happened in Cold Killing as I think it would have helped me think about Sally more. But what is past is past.

The whole thing is really bloody creepy and as I am a similar age to the victims, female and live in London I was totally freaked out. WHY DO PEOPLE KEEP DOING THIS TO ME???!?!?!?! HMMMM!!!!!!!

Achem, humm...

Sean would be an amazing TV cop and I think you could get great shows out of these books. They would, I'm sure be as big as The Fall!!  Donnelly just gets worse and worse and I wanted to wallop him one by the time I had come to the end of the book! ARRGH! He makes me so angry!

It was great to see what those who suffer by the hands of loonies start to consider and start to think is behaviour/actions that are acceptable and easy to carryout. I'm sure they wouldn't think and feel such things if not in captivity and this made me start to think about what I would do in their situation and that freaked me out even more!

Oh, back to Sean again sorry...the fact that he is standing on a very fine psychological line makes this book/this series of books/this character what it is...as far as I am concerned. It really does add to the tension and unease felt through out as you are waiting for Sean to snap and you never know if you can 100% trust him. It's brilliant.

As always, I want to know how much of Sean and the plots are drawn from LD's real life! It would be amazing to know!

So, another cracking crime read that really gets under your skin and is completely unputdownable!

Happy Reading

P.S. I was reading this on the tube and a woman asked me what it was and what it was about. When I told her she wrote it all down. I did however tell her to read Cold Killing first as it doesn't feel as commercial as this book and does set the scene.

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