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Monday 10 November 2014

Review: An English Ghost Story

Publisher: Titan Books
Price: £ 7.99

A family has left London and moved in to their dream home in the West Country. However, the house has other plans.

The cover of this book felt physically good. I just had to get that out there!!! Also, I felt very brave reading this book as I do worry about reading scary things. HOwever, it did help that I now live with boy geek.

So, on with comments on the actual book.

It was a surprise to see the Wheezie stories come in to play, however, I found them to be most entertaining. The writing style they adopted was very different and it really felt as if someone other than KN had written them! Huzzah! Other portions of other books appear too and that was also a little treat due to the complete change in tone also!

I liked the bleak and dark past that the family had. I particularly liked the fact that it was only alluded to on occasions and then drip fed to you the rest of the time. It built up the terror even more. What made the book truly scary though, was not the ghosts but the fact that as the family descended in to chaos their actions are truly disturbing, unnerving and unsettling. The ghosts merely contribute to this, they are not, at all, what causes the chills down your spine.

I also want to let you alllllll know that I was indeed pretty satisfied with the ending...however I am not going to say anything else about it as I am refusing to throw any spoilers at you.

So, not your typical ghost story but one that I enjoyed far more than I had originally expected.

Happy reading!


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