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Tuesday 28 April 2015

A book with a colour in the title: Little Black Lies

Publisher: Bantam Press

This book really caught my eye when it was being bandied around Twitter so I was over the moon when I was sent a copy! I don't know much about the Falklands so I found alllllll parts of that interesting. From the terrain, the conflict, the population, the way of life, the wildlife. Alll of it really interested me, and if nothing else, this book has inspired me to learn more about the place.

On with the story.

Catrin's narrative is dark, she is very disturbed by what has happened to her, her family and her children. It is worrying to read and, along with being very alarming and on occasions very depressing. Weirdly however, I found myself hating her rather than feeling sorry for her. She isn't a very likeable person, and this I found MOST strange as surely she is who we are meant to ally with! Anyway, this narrative portion was immense (used in the way I used to say it in secondary school) and I loved it.

Callum...Callum...Callum! I am in love with him. His narrative is heart wrenching! He has so much to give, has lost so much and has suffered to much too. You will see everything in a new light with him and you will love him...if you don't I'm having words.

Rachel's narrative was long, and tbh she was soooooo annoying! She was a brat and I couldn't stand her. However, I felt terribly sad for her kids, and I still do.

It was great to see the events of the past and the present (well the present for the book) through three sets of eyes. I really love things like that and the whole thing interwove perfectly.

the end all became a bit farcical and it let me down and the very end...well, I couldn't hack it...ARRRGH!!!

Up to a point, this book was SPLENDID. It was all I could have hoped for and asked for and all that was hinted at by the cover, cover text and blurb. But the end portion, oh dear lord...that let the whole thing down and I'm very sad about it. Some people will probably love the entirety of this book, I'm sure, for me, it was great until the conclusion and the very conclusion when it all went a bit to shit!

Happy Reading


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