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Thursday 23 April 2015

A memoir: All this has nothing to do with me

Publisher: Picador

I've plonked this in the memoir category as well it is a memoir of sorts, so there! It's a memoir of a very unhealthy relationship as well as some of MS' general life and growing up!

This book was not what I at all expected from reading the blurb. It was really abstract, not a story at all and not all that easy to get along with to be totally blunt, at least for me as I'm not that type of person. This is defo a bit more of an arty book, a bit of a coffee table book, and it really is all rather depressing.

I don't think this book will be widely accessible to people and I don't know who would 100% want to read it. I think it would be a book for the melancholy and the pensive/philosophical person.

I was really looking forward to reading this so I'm gutted that I didn't really enjoy it. It was a quick read, but maybe, it is just wasted on me and I didn't 'get it'.

I'd like to know what other people think!



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