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Monday 20 February 2017

Review: The Erl King

Publisher: Atlantic Books
WEIRDLY I was reading this book at the same time as one of the newbie colleagues in the office and we just happened to discover that each other were reading it...such fun.

So, we are with one man, one very strange man who lives a very secluded life and, to me anyway, always seems to be on the edge of doing something really inappropriate in the world.

I found the initial parts of the book really difficult to read and to want to read because of Abel's relationship with children. It was more the what might happen than the what was happening that put me off it on many occasions. But, when we came to the sinister writings, I found myself more at ease with the book as Abel's ways were more easily explained, dealt with and well, understandable. One got more of an insight into him, what makes him work and why he is like he is. There is almost a certain naivety about him.

The sections of the book that were written in the usual 3rd person style when we first enter the war were interesting more than anything else. It was interesting to watch Abel from the outside once more, especially with a better insight in to him and his ways. Also, it was interesting to look at the world of fascism and how people dealt with and developed it. But, the return to the sinister writings was welcomed.

I really don't know what I make of this book. It's truly individual partly because of its topic, partly because of how it is constructed and partly Abel as a character. Even now I still wonder/think about how I feel about him and this book, am I sorry for him? Am I scared of him? Is it a bit of both?

Definitely a book that lingers


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