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Monday 6 February 2017

Review: Red Country

Publisher: Gollancz
I have never before read a JA book and I really don't know why! People have raved at me about them, and I've always fancied picking one up.
Red Country puts us in a fictional wild west type place and from the start I loved the fact that we were in the wild west but with a dark fantasy edge to it too. From the offing I also loved two characters, Shy and Lamb. These two will be your friends for life and they really give the book its heart, soul and balls.
I think without Shy and her being as a whole I wouldn't have enjoyed this book half so much. BUT, I think without Lamb the novel wouldn't have had its many layers, its turmoil and its altogether grit. Appreciate these two!!!!
The story is fast paced and full of action page on page on page. But, it's in no way rushed and this was a concern for me at the start when I realised I was half way in and there was still so much to do when it came to the book's main quest. I think that getting everything done but answering all questions and leaving no stone unturned in what is a relatively short number of pages shows how skilled JA is.
The novel isn't all cow boys, bandits and ghools though. It has its own share of romance, heartbreak and sadness which makes this more than a western romp. Also, the violence is a bit more intense too. Intense, but not gratuitous. AND finally, there is some politics be it town wide, country wide or even bandit group wide and again, this gave the book some depth and wider context.
A stonking read that really did take me by surprise. I'm now going to try and get my hands on some more JA!


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