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Tuesday 28 February 2017

Review: Romantic Misadventure - a point and click quest for love

Now, Kit Lovelace, I have been an avid Twitter follower and reader of his column whilst searching for love. And while I was at my height of following and this book appeared in the e-book realm I downloaded it - BUT, alas I completely forgot about it, but now I have read it and huzzah!!

First off, the format is stonking. Back to the good old days of the quest book, I loved a quest book in my youth. BUT you don't have to go back and fore flicking between pages. You just select the link and go! BRILLS.

It was great to be reminded of the most amusing but brave, and slightly daft mission KLL went on with his column to find love. It was great to be back on that weird mission and it was great as well to be back with KLL's writing style which I do really really enjoy. It is like the most eloquent stream of consciousness I have ever encountered, but still slightly mad ;-)

If you haven't come across this chap and his escapades, it's worth reading this and embracing it. Great fun :-)

Happy Reading


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