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Tuesday 7 March 2017

Review: Journey by Moonlight

Publisher: Pushkin Press
The boy was given this book for his birthday by his colleague. Apparently it's their favourite book.....hmmmm
Boy Geek read this book when we were on  holiday in December and immediately needed something else to read after it. I thought this was a good sign that he was enjoying reading on holiday - apparently it was because he needed something he would enjoy to read.
I started this book with hope because I didn't know the feelings Boy had about it. I found the first half a bit Woody Allen and could see it as one of his films. Full of whimsy and weirdness. I did indeed enjoy the first half. The premise of a chap disappearing on his honeymoon just because and staying away, just because was great.
BUT, about half way through the charm went. The book became monotonous, it became tedious in its whimsy as the whimsy turned dark, and repetitive and self-indulgent. I just couldn't stand to pick it up. So much so that I started reading this book on  14 January and finished it last night. I read one book at home and one on my commutes and while on my commutes I read 5 books in this time frame.
I really don't think this book is for me (or Boy Geek) but I'm glad at least one person out there likes it as everything needs a fan.

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