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Tuesday 16 May 2017

Review: Southern Cross the Dog

Publisher: Picador
We are following some people round, who the blurb tells you are linked, but nothing else points to that....they are in the deep south, the wild west, the end of the world as you know it.
I was gripped from the start but I had absolutely no idea why. Why was I gripped by mundane misfortune? Why did I care about these not particularly interesting people and their fates? Why because the language was brilliant. The words in this book are bare but they are bold and they get you truly thinking about what you want to get out of reading this book and why. As I said, the story wasn't particularly gripping but the language absorbed me.
What came at the end of the book however, well the conclusions saddened me as I was so encapsulated in the mundane life with beautiful language that I didn't see the sort of social history comment coming. The end occurrences were touching and sad to an extent, but the moral lesson of it all, the comment on a time and a people being made so blatantly obvious was a tad irritating in the end and even dare I say it, a bit self-righteous.  
So, read this book for it's skill and it's language and it's making something great out of nothing....but kinda brace yourself for the end so it doesn't annoy you.

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