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Tuesday 30 May 2017

Review: You Will Grow Into Them

Publisher: Unsung Stories
I don't often read collections of short stories but when I do I really enjoy them and this collection is no different. The collection as a whole has the feel of modern fairy tales and that they are in their own creepy, exceedingly creepy way in some cases, trying to teach you a moral lesson. But they never quite get there with fully explaining what moral is trying to be put forward and you are left feeling unsettled. But, you feel these things in a good way if that can at all make sense.
Also, I thoroughly enjoyed the fine line that's tread by stories between the normal and the fantasy, the normal and the supernatural.
I'm going to just chat about a few of the stories now if I may:
Passion Play

This is the first story in the book and it was far more mystical and supernatural than I was expecting after reading the blurb. But it was good, and it kept me turning pages, but man is Dark the word for this one.

Two brothers
This is pretty heart-breaking and set in the days of history. It is however so mundane and normal in comparison to the others in the collection. It's stark in comparison and does indeed show off MD's abilities to mix it up with style, voice and vision.

Really got on board with this one and could see it being a rather decent film type thing.

So, if you want an edgy and unnerving but splendid collection of eclectic and starkly contrasted short stories....THIS IS YOUR BOOK

Happy Reading


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