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Tuesday 9 May 2017

Review: Strange the Dreamer

Publisher: Little Brown/Chapter 5 Books
Meet Lazlo, he's an abandoned boy who is now working in the best library in the world. He's strange and loves dreaming, lost worlds and thinking about what's next. This book is his adventure and his discovery.
Lazlo is a lovely character, he's lonely, but he's brave and interesting and kind and warm. But by far the best characters are the Godspawn for all their faults, foibles, problems, fears, situations and relationships. They are a fantastic bunch and really did grab my interest and attention.
Now come the problem....I had really high hopes that this book would not take the predictable turns and lead to inevitable. Unfortunately it did just that. And a book that was full of such hope and promise in the beginning just turned, in the end, to something predictable and even possibly generic. :-(
This novel embraced the cliché in everything. I wonder if it's because that such a young author wrote it, or maybe I'm slightly too old for the target audience to find it exhilarating and unpredictable. Whatever the reason, the predictability, and me being/getting fed up with this stopped me from getting involved with the book and becoming as absorbed in it as I'd hoped.
Definitely had potential - but for whatever the reason, didn't do it for me!

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