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Thursday 8 March 2018

Review: The Man Who Hated

Publisher: City Fiction
So, it seems that this is part of a series 'Novella Nostalgia', in which TD is taking classic/old films and twisting them/using them as inspiration for a Novella or two. from this one, I am indeed inspired to see Falling Down which is the film linked to this book, and I also think it would aid me in appreciating this novella more.
This is, being a novella, a quick read. But, despite this fact, you still get the depth of Milton's character. His idiosyncrasies, his issues , him in general. Dave and Lucy are a tad cheesy for my liking though, they seem superficial and 2D in comparison to Milton.
I love the blunt end sentences, the way of writing, how the style changes when Milton is the focus and he's speaking.
One tip however, don't eat lunch while reading the final action.
I would indeed like to read more from this collection. Novel concept and well executed here.

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