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Monday 5 March 2018

Review: Swinging: the games your neighbours play

Publisher: The Friday Project

So, I thought this book was going to be an amusing work of fiction. Boy Geek read a couple of chapters ages ago and also thought that is what this was. It's not, it's like an essay, come extended opine on, yep, swinging. 

The author of this book is indeed, obviously, eloquent, intelligent, well educated, but I couldn't help but think whilst reading this that he was using this as a means to justify to himself his chosen path in life after coming out of rehab.

Indeed, sex, swinging and all that's related is written about with taste and sensitivity. There is nothing gratuitous or uncomfortable. There is nothing that ends up making one feel like you are getting too involved in something you shouldn't be. But all the time I did read this book, all I could think was that I was, for sure, just reading one man's justification to himself for choosing a new lifestyle in an attempt to bring intimacy etc to his life. Indeed forgive me if I am wrong and I'm sure I am, but I couldn't see past this.

I would like to know the thoughts of others who have read this piece.



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