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Monday 19 December 2011

My bookshelf

Hello book lovers!

The wonderful people over at Big Green Bookshop (http://www.biggreenbookshop.com/ find them on Twitter: @BigGreenBooks) posted a 'My bookshelf' blog entry which you can find here! This inspired the trending twitter topic of #mybookshelf and has inspired me to do my very own blog post.

This is the shelf:

The shelf is located in my bedroom and contains an eclectic variety of books. Some are from my childhood and are therefore sentimental, some are there because they don't have another shelf where they'll fit (by topic or actual size) and one is there because I have to remember to return it to the owner.

Anyway, here are the details (from left to right then top to bottom for the ones underneath):

The Count of Monte Cristo - Alexandre Dumas
Paperback: £9.99
Publisher: Penguin Classics
I was lent this book by my boyfriend. He raved about it for months and months! He read it on holiday with his Mum and step Dad who were reading 'something by Sebastian Faulks' and The Secret Diary of a Call Girl, the latter reading the Call Girl. As he kept on professing its wonder and genius, I agreed to give it a go. I read a lot so I get through a lot of books, this one took me MONTHS!! It was the bane of my life, like an albatross around my neck! Yes, the story is pretty good but only when Dumas actually gets round to it. I know it's a great work of literature and I'm very sorry to say it but it drove me mad and I never want to read it, let alone look at it, ever again. Slow moving, terribly irritating and not one to recommend to others unless you want a slap in the face with a wet fish!

The Story of Miss Moppet - Beatrix Potter
Hardback: £5.99
Publisher: Warne
This is one of the sentimental books. My God Mother used to read Beatrix Potter stories to me when I was a little tiny whipper snapper. She bought me this book because she had a tabby cat I used to adore. Beatrix Potter stories are a big part of my childhood and I'll always love them.

The Tale of Mrs Tiggy-Winkle - Beatrix Potter
Hardback: £5.99
Publisher: Warne
This is, as I'm sure you've guessed, another book with a sentimental attachments. Mrs TW is my absolute favourite, always has been and always will be. I particularly loved Lucie as I always thought I was her and on a Beatrix Potter themed primary school summer parade float I was actually lucky enough to be her! Mrs TW was also the first Beatrix Potter figurine my God Mother bought me...I have lots now!

The Complete Short Fiction - Oscar Wilde
Paperback: £6.99
Publisher: Penguin Classics
I'd only ever read Dorian Gray until I bought this and to be honest, I only bought this book for a showy offy pretentious reason! I had an audition for a choral scholarship at Lincoln College Oxford at the tender age of 17 and I was told that I may have a small preliminary interview after the audition. As I was looking to study english, I knew they'd ask me what I was reading and thought this book would be impressive! I didn't get the academic place but I was offered the choral scholarship!

The Penguin Complete Sherlock Holmes - Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
Paperback: £18.99
Publisher: Penguin
I think this is the book of most importance in my life! I've not read all the Sherlock Holmes stories, but I've thoroughly loved the ones that I have. This book is so important to me because it belonged to my Grandfather. My Grandfather died when I was 3 months old so I never really properly met him. My Mum tells me that when she was little my grandfather used to come home from work with a bar of chocolate sit down and read a story from the Sherlock Holmes book. The best bit about the book is that it has chocolaty thumb and finger prints throughout that are my grandfathers! I will never ever get rid of this book and will cherish it forever.

The Oxford Book of Satirical Verse - Various and chosen by Geoffrey Grigson
Paperback: £ n/a as appears to be no longer in print
Publisher: Oxford Paperbacks
I saw this book in a second hand bookshop more years ago than I care to remember. I dip in and out of it every now and again and I enjoy a lot of the poems in it. It's something that you will either love or hate, a bit like Marmite!

Tales of South Wales - Various and compiled by Ken Radford
Hardback: £ n/a as appears to be out of print
Publisher: Skilton & Shaw
This originally lived on my parents book shelf. When I was in year 9 of secondary school we had to choose a Welsh folk tale and write a poem based on it. I can't remember which one I chose, I think it was about some kind of robber or bandit, I really couldn't say. That is the only one I've read from the book, maybe I should read some more.....

Chillers for Christmas - Richard Dalby
Hardback: £ n/a as also appears to be out of print
Publisher: Headline Book Publishing
This was given to my as a Christmas present by my Aunt and Uncle when I was in my early teens. They gave it to me because I read so much then and I still do, obviously. I remember reading one of these stories, no idea what it was about and I've never read any since. To be honest I don't think I'll ever read any of them ever again so maybe it's one for the charity shop.

A Child's Christmas in Wales - Dylan Thomas, illustrated by Edward Ardizzone
Paperback: £5.99
Publisher: Orion Childrens
I have always loved Dylan Thomas, since I was little. A Child's Christmas in Wales was one of the first Thomas creations I was introduced to. My Mum took me to see a stage version of it at the Grand Theatre  one Christmas and it was great. Humour, sentiment, familiarity, well everything! My Mum then bought me this book. I read it pretty much every Christmas!

The Dr. Seuss collection that I apparently own
Paperback: £4.99 each 
Publisher: HarperCollins Children's Books
I own 'The Cat in the Hat Comes Back', 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas', 'There's a Wocket in my Pocket', 'I Can Lick 30 Tigers Today and Other Stories' and 'Green Eggs and Ham'. I have put these all in one lump because it would be slightly tedious going through them all individually, just to say, I have all of them and have had them since my childhood because they are great kids books and still to this very day make me giggle! I don't know where my copy of 'The Cat in the Hat' has gone though!

New Big Sister - Debi Gliori
Paperback: £ varies. Can be bound on request
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd
My Mum gave me this book as her way of announcing that she was pregnant with my little brother. I was 6.5 years old and I'd wanted a little brother or sister so I was over the actual moon when my Mum presented me with the book and told me that I, was in fact going to be a big sister! I say was, I still am and always will be!

The Lighthouse Keeper's Cat + The Lighthouse Keeper's Catastrophe - Ronda and David Armitage
Paperback: £ 5.99 each
Publisher: Scholastic
Being completely frank, I have no idea why I have these books still or what they are even about. I know they are from my childhood but that's it. They were in a pile of my old books that my Mum was looking to part with and I just couldn't let them go for some reason.

The Christmas Book - Dick Bruna
Hardback: £7.99
Publisher: Egmont Books Ltd
I love Christmas, always have and always will! This has been in my possession since I was a tiny little person, before my memory even began. The illustrations are completely gorgeous and cute and simple. I take it off the shelf and flick through it every Christmas. I don't do it through the rest of the year, obviously, as it's not Christmas then and you won't get the same shivery and excited feelings!

The Jolly Pocket Postman + The Jolly Postman and Other People's Letters - Janet + Allan Ahlberg
Hardback: Other letters £12.99, Pocket no longer in print
Publisher: Puffin
Another set of books that hold a special place in my heart. I used to love opening them and taking out the letters and reading them and having them read to me in different voices for each character. Defo another set I'll NEVER part with.

Mrs Smith's Crocodile - Linda Dearsley + Frank Rodgers
Paperback: No longer in print
Publisher: Macdonald Children's Books
I'm so sorry to say that I can't really comment on this book. I can't remember what it is even about. I'm sorry :-(

A Porcupine Named Fluffy - Helen Lester
Paperback: Out of print
Publisher: Macmillan Children's Books
This is such a sweet story and the illustrations are beautiful and so cute. This is another book I've had since I can remember and I'm sure you are spotting a theme with this shelf. This is a picture book with very little text so it is indeed one for the very young. It is so adorable!

Guards! Guards! and The Last Hero: Both discworld graphic novels by Terry Pratchett
Paperback: Both no longer in print
Publisher: Gollancz
These aren't next to each other on the shelf but it is easier to attack their entry in one go. I love Terry Pratchett's Discworld series. I have a hugely vivid imagination so his books let my brain run wild. I have read loads of them but sadly not all. I acquired these in various 2nd hand book fairs. They didn't live up to my expectations as, sadly, they kind of ruined the images of the characters and scenery I had in my head. However, the illustrations etc are wonderful none the less.

The Complete Tales of Beatrix Potter
Hardcover: no longer in print
Publisher: Frederick Warne Publishers Ltd
Another beautiful childhood book. Bought for me by my godmother after she started me off with the earlier two. I adore Potter's stories, the illustrations and the beauty in her writing. I will no doubt end up sharing these lovely tales with my own kids (if I ever have some....early days yet).

Fantastic Stories - Terry Jones, illustrated by Michael Foreman
Hardcover: No longer in print
Publisher: Pavilion Books
I will admit it now, I was given this book when I was a lot older than suitable. This is because I love Monty Python, I love them as individuals, as a collective, well as everything. These stories are brilliant and the illustrations are great. I went through a phase of trying to copy them in my middish teens...yes I am a loser.

Tales from the Mabinogion - Trad.
Paperback: £ 9.95
Publisher: Gollancz
I'm Welsh, so, I don't think the inclusion of this book on my shelf needs ANY justification or more description. So there :-p

Here Come the Babies - Catherine + Laurence Anholt
Paperback: £ 5.99
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd.
Another gift when my Mum was expecting my little bro. He's 6.5 years younger than me so I was able to play an active role in his up bringing. I remember every second from the day he was born until, well, I spoke to him on the phone on Saturday afternoon!

Cats Among the Toys - Lesley Anne Ivory 
Hardcover: No longer in print
Publisher: Collins
Another beautifully illustrated book. This was done by the author themselves. It was also another book related to my God mother who had a gorgeous little tabby cat called 'tabby'. I loved to read and look at this book and I now have a tabby cat of my own so I may have t take it off the shelf to read to him!

Geiriadur Lliwgar: Welsh Children's Picture Dictionary - Heather Amery + R. Boore
Hardcover: No longer in print
Publisher: Gwasg y Dref Wen
This is not only great for kids but also for Welsh learners of a certain/any age. It's a funny little book. The part I still enjoy is finding the duck on each double page spread, I do however know where he is on each and every one now.....

Aesop's Funky Fables
Hardcover: No longer in print
Publisher: Hamish Hamilton Ltd.
My Mum bought me this when I was in the last year of Primary school. I think she wanted me to read them to 'learn' moral things. I did read it and still have it because it is pleasing to the eye! With some of my 'morals' maybe I should give them another read!

The Walker Book of Read Aloud Rhymes for the Very Young - Various
Hardcover: No longer in print
Publisher: Walker Books Ltd.
Not as street as it sounds. Another book that I used to read and enjoy with my God Mother (she was also my nanny by the way). We used to sit down on the big chair in my parents living room after school and read together until my mum and dad came home from work.

Well, that's the shelf! Hope you enjoyed
If you want to do your own remember you can publicise it on Twitter with #myshelf

Happy Reading!

Book Geek

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