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Wednesday 28 December 2011

Review: Delete This At Your Peril

Delete this at your Peril, the Bob Servant emails - Neil Forsyth
Paperback: £ 6.99
Publisher: Birlinn

This was my very well received work Secret Santa present! JR who had me knows my love of books very well. He also knows that I get sent a fantastic selection of emails asking me to help transfer funds from dead people's bank accounts, Russian girls thanking me for fictional door opening and job opportunities to earn £ 50000000 in 10 mins on the loo! Got to love a widely available work email address.

This book is a collection of 'Bob Servant's' dazziling email conversations with scam emailers. It is truely hysterical. My one question is, IS BOB REAL?????? Is he just a figmant of Neil Forsyth's highly intelligent brain?? Whatever the answer, cracking book!

It's very funny, witty, intelligent and a laugh a minute. I'm half thinking that I'd like to reply to such crazy emails myself now!

As there are no 'characters' and plot persay, I don't know how what else to say I'm afraid!

Brilliant read!

Hope you all had a good Christmas!!!
Happy Reading!

Book Geek


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