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Monday 2 January 2012

Review: Gin O'Clock


Gin O'Clock - The Queen
Hardback: £ 12.99
Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton

The wonderful twitter celeb HRH @Queen_UK released this book at the end of 2011. It's selection of entries from Her Majesty's 2010/2011 diary. If you thought you knew all there was to know about the royals then you will certainly have your eyes opened.

The diary reminded me of 'The Queen and I' by Sue Townsend where you are plunged behind the scenes of the royal family (yet in Townsend's book they aren't actually royal any more).

It certainly is refreshing to discover that the Queen does in fact enjoy a spot of gin, a session weeding the garden and that Camilla enjoys a good Hamlet and certainly knows how to let her hair down. One never realised that the queen was such a funny lady....if only, oh if only this was the real queen and not the fab twitter celeb.

Each day's entry begins with tweet from that day, I recognised several of them and it was glorious to see them expanded upon! I thoroughly recommend following @queen_uk and reading this highly hilarious book.

Next I'll be moving on to something a bit more hard hitting....or so I've heard....Tiger, Tiger a memoir.

Happy Reading and Happy New Year!!!

Book Geek

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