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Friday 20 January 2012

The Slap: TV versus The Written Word

  The DVD: £ 11.99 from Revolver Entertainment

   The Book: £ 8.99 by Christos Tsiolkas from Atlantic Books

The Book
I read The Slap a while ago and thoroughly enjoyed every single part of it. It was a little too sexually explicit on occasions for my tastes (I found some of it gratuitous) and the language was rather bad (again a bit gratuitous) but I over came that easily enough! The book is centered on the events of a BBQ which is held for Hector's 40th birthday. At the BBQ, his cousin Harry slaps 3 year old Hugo, a boy who isn't his son. The rest of the book follows the aftermath and repercussions.

The style of writing is great. It is most enjoyable to see through a different character's eyes every time a new chapter comes along and hear the different opinions on 'the slap' and the events that follow. It is also interesting to see different segments of different lives and how they all intertwine, rather than seeing the entire scenario play out through one person. 

I hated some characters, loved others and felt hugely confused by a few! I have a love/hate relationship with Hector. I love Anouk, can't stand Harry, am indifferent towards Connie and found Rosie to be pathetic.....I could go on but I think I should leave it there.

I think it's a bit of a marmite book. I loved it and would recommend it to anyone, I've given my copy to my Mum to read. However, I can see that there is a potential for people to find it hard going and unenjoyable as it is fraught with tension and emotion.

This is a very literal adaptation! I loved it! The narration was infrequent but effective, the use of greek was great as it was slipped in to and out of with ease. I'm delighted that each episode was seen through a different characters perspective, just the same as the book! Overall, I was very happy with it! Delighted in fact!!!

The only thing that holds me back when it comes to tv adaptations of books is the way characters look. I build very clear pictures in my head and am more often than not disappointed. That happened here, Hector wasn't attractive enough, Aish was more black than Asian, Connie didn't look old for her age until her aunt dressed her up. The ones I did like were Anouk, Rosie and Gary, they did pretty much live up to the picture in my head!

What worries me is the 'Series 1/First Season' stuff written on the front of the DVD case. There had better not be spin off series! Booo!!!

Due to the 'Season one' rubbish I will have to put the score at: Written Word 1 - TV 0.
(I'll keep a running score as I compare TV to the written word).

Happy reading and viewing!

Book Geek!

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