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Tuesday 27 March 2012

The Hunger Games: Film Versus The Written Word

£ 7.99, Scholastic

It was £ 12.50 for a ticket at the Vue in Westfield

I hope you can all forgive me that I'm not going to write a review of the book, I did that before here. I will just remind you that I LOVED IT COMPLETELY!!!!!!!

I was hugely excited to see the film, actually could not wait! So much so that I went on a Sunday afternoon (Sunday after it came out in the UK) when full price had to be paid for tickets. I never pay full price for tickets, I usually go on Orange Wednesday or use O2 Priority Moments if available when with the Boy. Anyway, I dragged the boy with me and he wasn't overly keen to see it as he'd read that it's been dubbed the next Twilight. I was pretty annoyed at this labeling as I think Twilight is a load of wank!

Let's start with Katniss. She is far more likable in the film. In the books she's a bit of a whiney bint. As my friend put it she's all 'ooooo everyone loves me, what shall I do?' She's far more likable, sensible, less whiney, naive and aware of the odd thing. THANK GOD!

Peeta is not hot enough, Gale is too tall....but I coped with both those things. I cried twice even though I knew exactly what was going to happen so there was nothing to worry and fear about. What a willy!

They actually quoted bits from the book so I was completely thrilled that the interpretation/adaptation was that true to the book! Events weren't changed however, there were bits left out, but they had to leave bits out, it's a film! It was a great adaptation for how long they had.

The Capitol costumes and sets ruled and were exactly how I had imagined them! Opulent, mental and off the wall. The Districts didn't come across as poor as they were however, that could have been made a bit more of.

Oh, please note that I'm not talking about the plot much....I again don't want to give things away to anyone who hasn't read/seen it at all.

The boy enjoyed the film thoroughly even though he had never read the books, had no idea what was going to happen, what the premise was, anything! YAY!!! He's looking forward to the next two coming out :-)

So, I don't know which I prefer to be honest.....actually yes I do, I LOVE THE BOOK so it's a point to the book and 0.5 to the film!!! So at the mo it stands The Written Word: 3, TV/Film 1.5.

Happy Viewing and Reading!

Book Geek :-)

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