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Wednesday 21 March 2012

World Poetry Day: Shame on me

As it's World Poetry Day I thought I'd share with you the only two poems I know off by heart!

I warn you now, I should be ashamed of myself!!!!!

Happy Harry - No idea who wrote it...sorry!
Happy Harry laughed all day
Couldn't keep a smile away
But one day a tragedy
A car hit Harry fatally
Poor old Harry, beep beep honk
Laughed his head off, ha ha bonk.

I have no idea at all why I know this poem off by heart! I remember it being in a book of children's poems and that's all I can remember.

The Owl and the Astronaut - Gareth Owen
The owl and the astronaut sailed through space in their intergalactic ship.
They kept hunger at bay by three pills a day and drank through a protein drip.
The owl dreamed of mince and slices of quince and remarked how life had gone flat.
It may be alright to fly faster than light, but I preferred the boat and the cat.

I learnt this when I was 10 years old for the 'English Recitation' category of my year 6 Eisteddfod.

I hope you enjoy these....I'm a little red faced

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  1. This was in Colin McNaughton's book Whose Been Sleeping in my Porridge