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Friday 15 November 2013

Review: Binary

Price: £ 7.99
Publisher: Hard Case Crime - Titan Books

So it seems, another book has fallen to my mercy, and this time a good old fashioned spy(ish)novel. 

This is a scenario set in the 70s but it defo hasn't dated which reminds me of the Matt Helm books I read earlier this year. This was a tad like the MH books, but far less cheesy and far more intelligent. This is like MH for the thinking man. There is a bit of the James Bond in it again, but it ain't half as sexy, despite what the cover may imply. It's far more intriguing and serious, but it still is a fun and very easy read.

The chapters were in hours and that gave it a feel of an old school 24. JG is like the Jack Bauer of the 70s. I loved the parallel in personalities between the main character JG and the baddy JW. They were like two sides of the same coin but you can see the potential for corruption in JG and that was really entertaining.

It's strange to think that the guy who wrote ER wrote this and the other 7 that follow. This one is nothing like ER, it has a whole new genre. Maybe the action and plot intrigues are there but there isn't any other kind of similarity.

A very fun and book that's a real page turner. I look forward to reading the others.

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