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Tuesday 19 November 2013

Review: A Modern Family

Publisher: Blue Moose Books
Price: £ 8.99

What a blissfully depressing book.

I knew from page one I would enjoy this book as I read out at least 2 lines to work bezzie as I found them do dry and satirical. 

The book starts out darkly, dark but funny as you look at one family, one kinda average family. However it keeps getting darker and more twisty and yet in so many ways some of the thoughts and situations are familiar and appear to be like so many lives you see.

No family is what they appear to be on the outside...unless maybe they are in a cult.

I really enjoyed the way it was written in disjointed streams of consciousness and snippets of interaction. There were also, of course, strange parallels with a certain set of TV car people, but that just added to the fun of the book.

As a whole the book made me feel a tad depressed but at the same time uplifted in a way I'm not 100% certain of. It is a gloriously different book. 

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