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Wednesday 13 November 2013

Review: Someone Else's Skin

Publisher: Headline
Price: £ 13.99

There have been some incidents surrounding the Muslim community and when two police people go to find the key to the case they become involved in a whole other world of trouble.

Marnie is your troubled police babe. It really is nice and refreshing to see a broody female rozza! Noah is a god, I LOVE HIM! The ladies from the refuge and the 'bad guys' are all grotesque but crazy and in some instances wonderful in their own ways, it's cracking. Oh, and Ed is defo someone you would take home to meet your mother!

This is a book of two very distinct parts but they are fabulously paired and interwoben. The whole thing becomes terribly terrifying indeed. As the story unfolds all your ideas and preconceived ideas of domestic violence are questioned and the story takes twists and turns you wouldn't expect. You throw what you've always thought to the side and realise that the world is indeed a place that can tip things on its head in an instant.

A great page turner that is skilfully crafted. I would defo recommend it to people be they fans of crime/thrillers or not. Touching and disturbing allll at the same time. And with that ending, bring on the next one!!!!

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