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Friday 8 November 2013

Review: Freaks

Publisher: The Friday Project
Price: £ 6.99

A collection of short stories and poems and comic strips with glorious illustrations to match.

I warn you now...this is going to be a short one, but that's because this is a short book and I don't want to ruin a thing.

The Stories
They really aren't what you expect. These people are freaks of the mind, freaks to themselves, freaks you'll meet in everyday life and they are freaks for everyday reasons. It is such a great look at the personalities of people around you and the things you feel yourself! The eclectic mix of poem, comic and narrative is great too and you meet so many different people it is mind boggling.

The Illustrations
Bravo. I've been a massive fan of DC for a while now and I love his style of writing as well as his illustrating. They work beautifully with the stories and help contribute to that ambiguous not quite a comic, not quite superheroes but yes they are feeling.

Cracking book, really different and totally Friday Project!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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