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Friday 24 February 2012

Review: If you liked school, you'll love work

Paperback: £ 7.99
Publisher: Vintage

I've only read one Welsh book before and that was 'Filth' it was as the title says! Hee hee! I've seen Trainspotting and The Acid House and I know yes, yes they are not books but it's still Welsh. 

This collection of short stories has kept true to his form! He is as vile and funny and grotesque and disturbing etc etc etc as ever! Wooo!

This is a terrifying story, truly, truly terrifying!!! From the start you can tell that this is an IW story. His stories begin on a normal and mundane path and then take a perverse and grotesque twist somewhere along the line. It's a normal buddy helping out a buddy tale (in a rather disgusting situation I have to admit) that ends up with guns and misinterpretations of situations with assumptions being made about 'blood sports' and homosexuality! There is sexual assault (to an extent) wanking, terror, fear, porn...THE LOT!

If you liked school, you'll love work...
IW turns to his familiar school of manipulating spelling to convey accents and dialects. I took a while to get used to it when I read Filth but I was expecting it here and enjoyed it! It helps to build up the identity of characters. This story doesn't take the usual disturbing path. It's the normal life of a normal guy who is a bit too cocky, a bit too sure of himself and well, a guy who pretty much fancies himself a bit. It is more conventionally funny and basically describes a short part of a lads life!

The DOGS of Lincoln Park
Bloody hell, the three main girls in this story are annoyance personified! Snobby, stuck up, anorexic, drug supported pains in the arse! I can't say too much about the story as it's very cleverly written and takes a spiffing twist. You defo don't see Mr Welsh being so restrained and held back. He is no way takes you in the direction you expect. Enjoy!

Miss Arizona
A story of obsession, addiction and loneliness! I thoroughly enjoyed it. I won't tell you about the plot as, once again, I don't want to give it away. It was good to read however, I could kind of see where it was going from the start. And in this instance it went there, no questions asked. Once again IW uses the written word and spelling augmentations to depict accent and I enjoy that thoroughly.

Kingdom of Fife
The final story sees the return of the scottish dialect and accent style of writing. It took me bloody ages to read because of that! I did enjoy it, don't get me wrong, but it does end up frustrating me as it takes so long to read! Anyway, a good, fun story that has sex, violence, drugs, love, stalkers, the lot!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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