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Tuesday 8 May 2012

Be Careful Please!

I'm afraid this isn't a book related blog. This is a post to beg that people always watch their drinks!

I was at a bar in my parents' town at a school reunion on Saturday night. The organisers had reserved a portion of the bar but the rest was open to all and sundry.

I turned up about 8:30pm with my boy and bezzie. I cannot remember anything from 9pm until I woke up at 5am in hospital.

My drink was spiked. No idea who by, no idea with what.

Apparently I was fine until about 11pm when I was a bit weird and the boy took me back to my parents. When there I was really really paranoid, hysterical and basically mental.
My Mum called NHS Direct, told them my symptoms and where I'd been and they said to take me to hospital.

I had blood tests done around 2am. By then they couldn't find the drug in my system as things such as rohypnol and GHB only stay detectable in the blood stream for 3 - 4 hours. However, from my behaviour, dilated pupils and racing heart rate the doc said my drink had more than likely been spiked.

I was incredibly lucky that nothing bad happened to me (well other than ending up in hospital) I was VERY lucky that I had my lovely boy with me to notice I'd become odd.

Apparently I was having a great time at the reunion and saw loads of my old friends. However, I don't remember a thing at all.

The next day I felt completely fine and had no side effects or hangover...another link to having my drink spiked.

So please do watch out! I never leave my drinks unattended so it is really scary that something was put in it without my noticing!! I am so pleased I had my boy and bezzie around which ensured that nothing happened to me!

Have fun but have safe fun!!!! Not everyone will be as lucky as I was!

Book Geek!

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