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Thursday 17 May 2012

Review: A Storm of Swords Part2: Blood and Gold

Paperback: £ 8.99
Publisher: Harper Voyager


As I'm sure readers of this blog have noticed, I'm a huge fan of this series, A Song of Ice and Fire.

Part 3 has been split in to two books and I read part one a couple of weeks ago. I thoroughly enjoyed it of course. I thought it ruled...that was until however I read this one! OH MY GOD!!! AMAZING IN EVERY WAY!

There is action, love, politics, action, death, destruction, betrayal....ahhhh what more could you need!?!?! There are so many twists and turns! I could hardly cope with putting it down and only did when I really really had to! This is a fantastic book! Gripping, unnerving, breath taking and distressing all at the same time. If you were engrossed in the story before, you will be even more hooked now. And if you haven't yet read them, then you should, just for the pleasure of reading Storm of Swords Part 2. 

I went off Jon in Part 1 but I love him once more. Bloody love Dany and Tyrion. Seriously starting to like The Hound too (kinda always had a soft spot for him though). Still not enamored with the all the other Lannisters though...they suck! Also, I will admit, I got a bit annoyed with George, the author man himself at some points...I will not say why as I will spoil the plot however, I'm sure when you read this book you'll get annoyed at George too!

The only negative I have to comment on once again is the language. The bizarre combination of modern day and old timey is dominant in this book once again. I'm finding it really irritating as it is the only flaw I can spot with the whole collection. I always notice a problem to the max if there is only one to spot! Boooo! 

Also, interesting thing I thought I'd bring up. My Assistant is about half way through Clash of Kings. He thinks that George only writes from the POV of sympathetic characters....what do you think??

Anyway, read this series, read it now! Get it! It is amazing in every way, every single way! You will fall in love with characters, the book and maybe even George himself. (He isn't the most aesthetically pleasing man in the world though...just to warn you...but I bloody love him none the less).

The LEGEND and MY HERO!!!!

Happy Reading

Book Geek

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