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Tuesday 22 May 2012

My Mum's review: The Passage

Just to start off with, I bloody loved The Passage and am so so excited for The Twelve. The Passage was even in my Top 10 Books of 2011!!!

Anyway, let's begin with the story of my Mum and The Passage.

I gave it to her when she was staying at my flat AGES ago and said, read it, it's good, I love it. Now that she is still off work due to her inability to make any vocal noise for more than 3 mins, she has read it. Anyway, we were in Yo! Sushi having lunch on Sat and I brought up her final finishing of The Passage. She began somewhat of a tirade. It started off at normal levels of noise and got quieter and quieter as her voice deteriorated, however, here is the jist....
  •  The first 150 pages or so really really depressed her. Then she clarified that actually the entire thing depressed her and she found it to be a wholly depressing read.
  • Some of the plot seemed to loose its way. There appeared to be passages that were just fillers, somewhat for the sake of it to get from A to B in the over all plot. In fact, my Mum wasn't sure that JC had a plot laid out for the entire book. 
  • Mum was annoyed that JC introduced a character then killed them off pretty soon after. 
  • Mum also got annoyed at all the 'stereotype' characters that are in it.
  • Mummy Geek decided that you could tell from the outset that it was going to be a series (she didn't know till the very end that it was actually to be a series), apparently she feels it is set up as a money maker. She fears that the next two will just be repetitive and monotonous and basically be the same as the first one, just with new characters as all the others are dead.
  • The only thing she had to say of a positive note was that it was well written.
Mummy Geek really is one tough cookie to please when it comes to books!

I bloody love The Passage and think you should all read it! Then judge for yourselves...

Happy Reading

Book Geek 

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