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Thursday 29 January 2015

A book with non-human characters - Blood of Dragons

Publisher: Harper Voyager

Now then, this is the first book off the challenge. It's difficult to categorise books I have found as they sometimes fall in to multiple ones. This could have also been a book by a female author or a book over 500 pages, but I love the dragons and they are a MAJOR part of the book so a book with non-human characters it was.

This is the final book in The Rain Wild Chronicles! Booo!!!!!!

At the start I found it a bit winey with all the ohhhh my dragon, and ohhhh I want sex and ooooooohh I'm not an eldering! MAN UP ALL OF YOU THIS INSTANT!!!! However, I wanted to read more quickly as all aspects of the plot were finally being tied up in a neat little bow for me!

I really worried for some of the characters such as Rapskal and Alise. It really had me on pins the entire time! WAHH!! I think this shows you how well RH bonds with her characters and feels like they are people! Selden was my biggest worry though!!!

As the book moved on the pace became faster and faster as groups of and singular characters were flicked between within chapters and not just by chapter it was great!

Overall I was delighted with the ending but I was super sad when it was all over! Compared to the rest of RH's series which I have read, this one took a while to get in to and was a tad longer, but it was great in the end. RH fans, if you haven't read it, read it NOW!!

Happy reading


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